About the company

Vimec has the answer to all diversely able access needs, both in the home and in public places.
Vimec has been specialising since 1980 in the design and construction of stair lifts, stair climbers and lifts to overcome architectural barriers, improve access to both private and public buildings, guarantee mobility around the home and ensure domestic convenience and wellbeing for those wishing to get around their homes with ease and convenience.
Today, Vimec's wide product range has brought it leadership on the Italian market, and it is also well-known and well-established on the international markets, with trading subsidiaries in Spain, France, Great Britain and Poland; its products are also distributed in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Latin American and China.
The foundations of its continuous growth are constant investments in innovation, research, quality and safety, of both the product and the working methods used within the company.
With a work-force of more than 200, a network of experts ready to provide you with the best advice, and a full after-sales service network throughout Italy and in various areas within Europe and beyond, VIMEC is able to build systems to measure for each customer's needs.
Vimec's production facilities occupy an area of more than 35,000 sq.m., of which 20,000 house the operating centres and production plants.

Our address in Russia:  125424, Volokolamskoe highway  73,Moscow, Russia  Tel.:+7 (495) 517-04-02, e-mail: info@vimec.ru