Are you looking for a solution, for you, for your loved ones: for your aging parents or for your grandparents, to reorganise the spaces in your home without disrupting daily life?

The chair for climbing stairs, or stairlift, becomes a tool for those who, even if only for a disability or a partial or temporary incapacity, seek assistance or a home on their scale and want to feel free in their own home.

Vimec offers you the Elba stairlift, practical and comfortable, ideal for the most demanding staircase. Elba is the stairlift suitable for curved staircases (that is to say that the rail on which it runs is curved, to deal with several flights of stairs with a landing in the middle, and also to offer simple parking within a reduced footprint, in the case of a single ramp).

Тех. характеристики

On-board ascent and descent dead-man's controls (the chair is operated by keeping the motion control pb pressed) with removable key
Swivel seat, in red fabric or leatherette, with arms
Foldaway anti-sleep footrest
Impact and shearing prevention systems
Safety stop push button
Safety limit and over-run microswitch
Dampened mechanical stops
Motor with electromagnetic brake
Irreversible reduction gear
Speed limiter
Soft start
Overspeed governor with progressive engagement, TUV FV 393/GB 117 approved
Blackout emergency
Safety belt
2 floor remote controls
Dead-man's controls at floors with removable key
Audible warning for movement


Easy and practical

With the controls positioned on the armrest, it is easy to move throughout the house. Furthermore, Elba can be recalled to the floor thanks to its functional floor control panel, and can also be equipped with a practical control unit for a helper.

Safety and comfort

With the Elba seated stairlift you can move freely, thanks to the various personal safety features.The footrest, made of anti-slip material, is provided with safety edges, which ensure the Elba stops in case of obstacles in its path.

Easy installation

The chair is normally installed in the space of a few hours, within a day, without masonry work.


Minimum width of staircase:   780 mm

Allowed gradient:                    from 0° to 45°

Guide minimum dimensions: 150 mm

Platform closed dimensions: 450 mm

Platform dimensions:            420x330 mm

Working load up to 40°:       130 kg

Working load over40°:         130 kg

Speed:                                  5 m/min

Electric supply:                      220 V

Consumption:                       0.7 kW

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