Vimec offers you the Capri stairlift, ideal for the person's comfort and the staircase's harmony
Capri is the stairlift suitable for curved staircases (that is to say that the rail on which it runs is curved, to deal with several flights of stairs with a landing in the middle, and also to offer simple parking within a reduced footprint, in the case of a single ramp).
The Vimec Capri is a creation with plenty of character: the comfortable chair, safe and aesthetically beautiful, that meets the needs of those who use it every day.


Ease of use
Ascent and descent: a small control lever on the armrest makes every movement automatic and comfortable.

Safety and comfort
With the Capri seated stairlift you can move freely, thanks to the various personal safety features.
The footrest, made of anti-slip material, is provided with safety edges, which ensure the Capri stops in case of obstacles in its path. Among the colours of the seat and the guide, you can choose the most suitable to the aesthetics of your décor.

High flexibility and minimal footprint

No problem of obstruction on the staircase; the chair is reduced to a folding unit flipping the platform, seat and armrests, with one simple gesture.

Easy installation
The Capri stairlift is designed and built to conform perfectly to your staircase: for this reason it is easy to assemble and keeps to a minimum the installation procedures; the chair is normally installed in the space of a few hours, within a day, without masonry work.


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