By mobile stair climber we mean that equipment (mobile, not attached to the staircase) to which it is possible to secure the wheelchair of a disabled person and move along one or more flights of stairs in safety, with the presence of a carer who drives the mobile stair climber.
Tracked mobile stair climber: T09 Roby
Roby is the tracked mobile stair climber that s people in wheelchairs to overcome architectural barriers both in the home and in the outside world, without any fixed installations.

Тех. характеристики

Load: 130 kg

Speed: 5 m/min

Weight: 55 kg

Gradient: 35 grad. max.

Color: RAL 5015 ( light-  blue)

Power supply -  200 В/50 Hz, 24 V


The best in mobile stair climbers for comfort and safety
Designed and built to overcome straight staircases with square/rectangular landings:

  • without the risk of damaging them thanks to the special characteristics of the tracks that provide a high level of grip and leave no trace,
  • and in total safety.

For who drives it:

  • It can be disassembled and transported in two pieces; its light weight and compact design allow for easy handling (self-standing rudder, once removed it remains in balance on the ground)
  • Minimal effort for loading of the passenger
  • Easy movement on a level surface, thanks to the automatically activated auxiliary wheels
  • Fastenings fully adjustable in height and width, practical and safe for the attachment of the wheelchair
  • Control panel at height of the rudder which includes: battery charge indicator, gradient indicator, emergency stop button, activation key.
  • Pedal-operated safety devices (no effort for the operator/carer)
  • Quiet operation
  • Discreet, once used it can be stored in service rooms
  • Manual descent and ascent in case of accidental stop on the staircase.

For the person being transported:

  • Constant speed without jerks
  • Soft wheelchair loading without jolts
  • Smooth and safe wheelchair unloading operation
  • Great stability during operation

Minimum depth of landing: 970 mm

Minimum stair width: 820 mm

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