Beauty contest among girls in wheelchairs Miss Independence 2012


April 24, 2012 in the capital hotel Korston beauty contest for girls in wheelchairs «Miss Independence 2012 », which our company had sponsored the . The purpose of the competition - not so much to choose the "most beautiful" contestant as demonstrate to society image of a successful women with disabilities , to help overcome the stereotypes. The initiator and main organizer of the contest is the regional public organization "Society for parents with disabilities and their families," Katyusha "with the support of the Department of Social Protection of the City of Moscow, Judo Federation of Moscow, the capital of the support of youth initiatives.

The finalists were able to reach only 13 girls, each of them had to do three things: a show - the girls had to demonstrate dresses, the second - a talent contest, and the third - featuring wedding dresses . Audience Award was Anna Tsibizova. Two girls received the title of "Vice-Miss»: Anna Dragin and Darya Kuznetsova.

winner of "Miss Independence 2012» has Lyudmila Vasilyeva. It is a young mother, a singer and champion of the European Fencing pram and now she is trained to go in August in London and represent Russia at the Paralympics. Natalia Prisetskaya , President ROO IN "Katyusha»: «Contest Miss Independent - a block in our public companies to change the views in society about the opportunities of people, and first of all, women with disabilities. We wanted it and we believe that we have succeeded, display the new role models, new social standards - to show that women with disabilities - they can be beautiful, successful, loved, to win, to bear and raise children, we are like everyone, but we are a little more complicated."


Photo Report


Darya Kuznetsova - Vice - "Miss Independent" 2012

Oksana Zaikin - Project Manager of the NGO at the "Katyusha"